Are You Happy?

Hi guys, nice to see you. My name, you can’t pronounce it. Call me Menet if you will. I am Japanese. I’m not a native speaker of English, so please be generous in my errors. In fact, I don’t speak English. In this program, I write a script and then read it. I’m not a teacher, nor a scholar, nor a healer. I’m not married. I don’t have children. And I don’t work at all. I am nothing, in your view perhaps. So please don’t follow me, but just reflect on the contents of this program, so that they will nourish you. All right?

This program is concerned with happiness, your personal happiness. I don’t talk about impersonal awakening, and I never will. To be honest, I don’t understand anything about Non-duality teachings or creating reality teachings.

Are you happy? Let’s not make it a philosophic question here. We all know how happiness feels like, don’t we? Happiness is not a concept but a feeling, right? If you’re unhappy, all the philosophical pursuits are but a failure. We all know that. Spiritual teachers say they finished searching. They mean they ended the search for Truth, because they found it, probably. Very metaphysical indeed. But I would say, we will end the search for happiness when we are actually happy, when we no longer have to imagine feeling happy. After all, in spirituality nothing matters except whether of not you are truly happy.

But how de we get there? In this first episode, I propose three methods. These are the basis of what I will talk about in the future.

One. You decide to feel happy first thing in the morning. You say like this: “I decide to feel happy no matter what.” You make the decision, that’s all. Very simple, right?

Two. This is a fundamental method which dates back thousands of years. I call this method “nurturing heat”. First, think about what you love to do the most. Playing baseball, eating candies, going shopping, talking with your friends, dating with your partner, anything will do. You feel passionate, right? Some people call it Shakti or Kundalini. I simply call it heat. Please find this heat, right now. Don’t worry, everyone can do it. Second, separate all the situations that provoke this passion, the heat in you from the heat itself, and feel only the heat inside you. Without any conditions, you can concentrate on the heat itself, right? Third, make the heat growing and growing, everyday. Each day, it feels as if the heat were stronger than the day before, more and more. That’s what I mean by “nurturing heat”, OK? If it’s easier for you, picture in your mind a fire altar and a flame, not necessarily in your body, but inside. I don’t say intensify the image of this altar. This is not an exercise for the so-called visualization. I say nurture your feeling.

Three. This is rather supplementary. Close your eyes and imagine a space where nothing exists, as if even you didn’t exist. Be vacant or dumbfounded for about 30 seconds, 2 minutes at the most, once a day.

You would think these methods have nothing to do with happiness, but they sure do from my perspective. If you need a sort of textbook somewhat corresponding to this program, I would recommend The Teachings of Tempu by H. E. Davey, although I don’t intend to disseminate the Japanese culture. That’s it for now. Don’t hesitate to contact me by email! Thank you for listening.