What Do You Want?

Hi guys. What’s up? This time, I’m going to talk about what we want in life. Again, let’s not make it a philosophic question. You desire something, right? That’s what you want in life. Whether desire is good or bad, that’s a philosophic question. But I don’t go there.

Many people talk about how to attract what we desire. Indeed, if it’s possible, we all want to know how. The key seems to be imagination. I don’t assure you that imagination brings you what you want materially. Instead, I can assure you that imagination creates specific feelings in you. First off, let’s imagine that you already have what you want, whatever it is. Imagine with passion, feel it, and then drop all the conditions around this feeling. Do this over and over again. Then you can feel the feeling itself without any conditions, at ease. Very simple, right? This method would help a lot.

Maybe rich people can have it all materially. They can live in the best villas in the world, they can eat the best foods in the world, they can wear the best clothes in the world, they can have the best prostitutes in the world, they can take the best drugs in the world and get high all the time, but in most cases, still they don’t feel happy. They are satisfied AND unhappy.

When you can’t get what you want, you are unsatisfied, right? But don’t confuse satisfaction with happiness. You can be unsatisfied AND happy, because it is possible to feel happy immediately with the help of imagination. That’s what it is! If you are completely satisfied, you won’t get out of bed, meaning you’re dead. Desire is simply a metabolic function of human mind.

We have a choice to make. For example, I would think like this: I haven’t dated anyone, but I want someone, so I’m unhappy. Careful, this is a thinking process, not THE fact, right? On the contrary, I can say, I am happy because I haven’t dated anyone, as if the current situations were what I really wanted. Then I can think of merits of the circumstance, such as that no one tells me what I should do, I am free, I can spend all the time and money only for myself, et cetera, et cetera. A quick turn of thinking mind. Even if you have never had a girlfriend or a boyfriend, yes, you can be happy anyways. Even if no one appreciates your work, yes, you can be happy anyways.

I don’t talk about renunciation here. If you have many lovers and problems with that, so be it, you can be happy anyways. If you have plenty of money and problems with that, so be it, you can be happy anyways. You can start with the status quo. Is this difficult? No way! This is not a crazy idea but a solid way to relax and start enjoying life. In fact, if you want to be happy right away, this would be the easiest way, except when you are in physical pain.

You don’t have to agree with me, but please reflect on this idea. All right? That’s it for now. Thank you for listening.